Lamb of God History
Pastor John and Lori Miller arrived in Humble, Texas, in the Fall of 1976 with the goal of starting a new Lutheran congregation in the greater Northeast area out from Houston. God was good! On February 18, 1977, 23 people met to begin the organization process. Charter Sunday was April 24, 1977, and the congregation never looked back.
From humble beginnings (pun intended), the congregation grew by God’s grace over the ensuing years. Building after building was added to accommodate the growth. An early childhood ministry grew and flourished. The congregation was highly active in the community. Suddenly, Pastor Miller was called to his heavenly home. What would the congregation do? Once again God provided pastors and people to carry the congregation forward.
Lamb of God’s history is filled with stories of God’s grace and love in Jesus impacting people’s lives in wondrously positive ways. It is a history of sacrifice as well as blessing, of hardship as well as goodness, and of reversal as well as renewed hope. People have come and gone, leaders have come and gone, but one truth has never changed and that is the timeless message of hope in Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Welcome to Lamb of God!