If you love using your time, talent and energy to serve God and others, Lamb of God offers outstanding opportunities. If being served in heart and spirit in a congregation that values each individual is important to you, Lamb of God will be an inviting place for you. 
* Do you want to be involved in a local area service opportunity that will make a significant impact for good in the lives of people? Lamb of God offers those opportunities.
* Do you yearn for mission opportunity in the neighborhood or even in a foreign country? Lamb of God is currently involved and seeking greater involvement in mission and has a place for you.
* Do you love to help your local congregation by serving its members? Lamb of God              offers many opportunities to be involved. 
* Do you seek fellowship for yourself or for your family? You have many blessed                 choices at Lamb of God.
* Do you desire spiritual growth? Since Lamb of God is Christ centered and Bible               based, the Holy Spirit works to grow people spiritually through the many age                       friendly Bible Study opportunities available throughout the week. 
* Is worship an important part of your week? It is important at Lamb of God. Uplifting,       challenging, encouraging, life applicable messages are surrounded with wonderful               music and Holy Communion on a regular basis. 
Please, click on the link to sign up for Volunteer opportunities: