What to Expect
We are happy you stopped by to visit our website. We realize that if you are planning to visit Lamb of God on a Sunday morning, you may have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions that may be helpful for you. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please don’t hesitate to email us at office@lambofgod.net or call us at (281) 446-LAMB (5262).
Q.  Describe Lamb of God:
A.  Lamb of God has a family feel and conducts important service ministries in the Humble area. Love and unity are two important values for us. Everything we do and are is because God first loved us in Jesus, our Savior. A medium sized congregation, Lamb of God has a mission heart and is welcome and open to everyone. We are Christ centered, Bible based and mission focused. Joyfully, we are more ethnically and racially diverse than the average congregation. 
Q.  Lamb of God is a congregation of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod?
A.  Yes, we are: Missouri because Missouri is where we had our historical beginning. Synod because this word means “walking together.” Today, the LCMS has over 6000 congregations in every state of the nation and partner churches around the world.  
Q.  What time is worship?
A.   Our 8:00 am Sunday service carries a historic traditional style and our 10:30 am Sunday service offers a contemporary style. We do have special worship services throughout the year, often mid-week.
Q.  Is there Bible Class and Sunday School on Sunday?
A.  Absolutely. At 9:15 am we offer fun and enriching Sunday School classes for children 3 years old through 8th grade. The high school youth meet at the same time in a separate location. Adult bible study with Pastor Tony is in the Fellowship Hall, coffee and donuts provided. We also offer a new member confirmation class for adults wanting to learn more about the Lutheran faith at 9:15. We offer important Bible teaching (Confirmation) for youth 6th through 8th grade and student ministry for high schoolers combining Bible study with meaningful discussion and fun on Sunday evenings, 6-8 PM.
Q.  What do people wear on Sunday morning?
A.  There is no formal dress code at Lamb of God. Depending on the weather, you will see everything from coats and ties to jeans and shorts. Most people dress business casual.
Q.  What is worship like?
A.  Worship at Lamb of God is uplifting and meaningful. The message is Bible based and applicable to everyday life. Holy Communion is celebrated at most services. Welcoming and friendly, people leave the service refreshed and energized by God’s presence. The typical service lasts approximately one hour. 
Q.  What about offerings?
A.  While giving to God and God’s work is an act of worship, guests are guests and are not expected to bring one. We talk about generosity at Lamb of God since God is a generous God. Our heart, encouraged by the Holy Spirit, is where generosity begins–generosity in attitude, service, outreach and finances.
Q.  Are there opportunities to use my time and talents at Lamb of God?
A.  Yes. We welcome folks into our many local service opportunities, our group life activities, our congregational fellowship activities, and our ministry and worship organizational needs. We are blessed by the volunteers who serve God in this place.