What is Stephen Ministry?

  • Stephen Ministry is a lay ministry to help people who may be going through a tough time with such trials as job loss, divorce, serious illness, loss of a loved one, or other life crisis.
  • A Stephen Minister meets with an individual once a week (men matched with men; women matched with women) and is someone who will listen, talk, pray, and give Christian care to that person.
  • Stephen Ministers are members of the church who have received fifty hours of training to enable them to better serve their care receivers.
  • Information which is shared with a Stephen Minister is strictly confidential.
  • Stephen Ministers receive peer supervision twice monthly where they will support each other to provide the best ministry possible.

Our mission in Stephen ministry is sharing Jesus’ love with people who are hurting.


Who are our Stephen Ministers?

If you are going through a trying time in your life, contact Stephen Ministry leader, Nancy Giffhorn at or talk to the pastor.

Become a Stephen Minister!

Would you like to be part of a ministry that gives people care and support when they need it most,
while also making a difference in your own life?
Then think about Stephen Ministry.


If you are someone who is…

  • Caring, loving and empathetic to the needs of others and finds fulfillment in supporting them.
  • Willing to be trained in the skills necessary to providing Christian care to a person who might be experiencing job loss, divorce, grief or other life difficulty.


Consider becoming a Stephen Minister as an opportunity for you to serve.  A new training class starts every January. Please fill out the above inquiry form to be added to our list of volunteers. One of the Stephen Leaders, Erv Luedke, Phyllis Howell, Nancy Giffhorn, Ed Stovall or Iris Engel will contact you with more information.
Learn to Grow and Serve.